Healing the Earth through reforestation

Mar 21 2021

The biodiversity of our planet is seriously threatened and, although it is extremely important to reflect on our habits when it comes to protecting the environment, with respect to native sacred forests these measures are no longer enough.

More than a billion people depend on the existence of forests , in addition to the fact that they are home to about 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity.

Even a problem as current as the emergency situation that the world has been undergoing for more than a year is linked to the loss of biodiversity: the WHO ensures that 70% of the epidemic outbreaks registered in the world, whether caused by due to the current coronavirus, Ebola or even AIDS, has its origin in the loss of biodiversity caused in large part by deforestation.

However, deforestation continues at a rapid rate . A problem in the face of which we must continue to defend the forests and work to protect them.

According to the organization Plant for the Planet , the world currently has three trillion trees and can support a trillion more.

Do you understand the importance? They are one of the most powerful tools against the climate crisis, since only by restoring these forests will we be able to keep the temperature increase below 2°C.

Being aware of the urgent need that we have to carry out concrete actions in favor of the environment, we join Plant for the Planet in its extremely important reforestation work, planting 1 tree in the Selva Maya for each order.

The Selva Maya extends through Belize, northern Guatemala and southeastern Mexico and represents one of the most important ecological systems globally . It houses more than 20 ecosystems that maintain an important function in terms of water production and maintenance of landscape connectivity , since the multiple ecological corridors allow mobility between organisms and species , as well as the functionality of the ecosystem as a whole.

We must be proactive and start planting, but how do you help this cause? Each order you place in our store, we transform it into 1 new tree in the Selva Maya.


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