Numerología y Portales Energéticos

What are the energetic Portals?

Feb 02

Numbers are something that has always been part of our life: they are ancient, they were conceived thousands and thousands of ...

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Astrología y Navidad

The perfect gift according to each sign of the zodiac

Dec 16

Gifting is an act of great love and a very beautiful gesture , which can sometimes be affected by the result. Because, let's ...

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Prácticas de Enraizamiento para tu día a día.

Rooting practices for your day to day.

May 10

rooting. A very powerful word. A practice full of magic. We generally live in the mind world . Scientific studies have shown ...

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La importancia de hacer una limpieza emocional

The importance of emotional cleansing

Mar 14

Use the emotional cleansing of March to heal old wounds and enjoy a simpler life.

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Aprende a sintonizarte con la energía de Acuario: explora lo nuevo y desconocido.

Learn to tune in to the energy of Aquarius: explore the new and unknown.

Feb 09

Discover the power of Aquarian energy and enter the world of innovations and disruptions. February is the month of the new....

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