Ritual Cierre de Año 2023: reflexiona sobre tu vida y suelta lo que no necesitas.

Connect with the energy of New Year's Eve: reflect on your life and let go of what you don't need.

Dec 06

The month of December is a closing period. After the year lived, one has the opportunity to reflect on what happened. The sp...

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Prácticas de Enraizamiento para tu día a día.

Rooting practices for your day to day.

May 10

rooting. A very powerful word. A practice full of magic. We generally live in the mind world . Scientific studies have shown ...

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¿Cómo escoger un cristal para tu sahumerio?

How to choose a crystal for your incense?

Apr 26

When we unite the kingdom of plants with the kingdom of minerals, magic is created. To the qualities of the plant are added ...

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Los beneficios de meditar con gemas & cristales

The benefits of meditating with gems & crystals

Nov 17

Crystals are consciousness keys. Living beings that interact with our energy. The crystals come from the Earth; They are part...

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Ritual de Conexión para Escorpio y cómo alinearse con el Otoño.

Connection Ritual for Scorpio and how to align with Autumn.

Oct 26

Discover the energy of Autumn: face your fears and connect with your desires. The month of November is ruled by Scorpio, a wa...

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