Armonizar la energía de la zona de trabajo

Cómo armonizar y purificar tu espacio de trabajo

Jun 01

Hoy en día, nuestro espacio de trabajo desempeña un papel muy importante en nuestra rutina. Cada vez somos más mujeres trabaja...

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Gemas & Hogar: protege y eleva su energía.

Gems & Home: protects and elevates your energy.

Oct 04

Home is a place where many of us, in the last two years, have spent more time than expected. It is a space that allows us to be...

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Cómo transitar energéticamente hacia el Otoño según el Ayurveda

How to energetically transition towards Autumn according to Ayurveda

Sep 21

The transition from summer to fall is a very powerful spiritual time . From taking the mental focus outwards, from being with...

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La importancia de hacer una limpieza emocional

The importance of emotional cleansing

Mar 14

Use the emotional cleansing of March to heal old wounds and enjoy a simpler life.

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sahumar, energías, palo santo

Learn to Sahumar to Heal

May 13

Its about sahumo , what is the process where they burn herbs , resins , flowers , go , estate either crusts . Its powers com...

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