5 easy steps to become a conscious consumer

Mar 15 2021

Global consumption is totally unsustainable ; pollution, the depletion of natural resources, the amount of plastic in the sea, the worsening of inequalities and the deterioration of human health is leading us to collapse.

As consumers we have great power. Use our money and consumption to build the world and the sustainable society that we dream of. Becoming responsible and conscious consumers is not an option, it is a necessity.

Thinking well before buying and supporting sustainable and ethical brands that promote an alternative economy to the system that so much damages communities, the environment, animals and, consequently, us as a society.

Conscious Consumer

Becoming a conscious consumer requires changing habits and unlearning ways of being that we may have always taken for granted. This is not an easy task, but it is a progressive process that we can start with small but constant changes , where each day implies a consumer decision based on environmental and social commitment.

Many times it is difficult to be 100% sustainable or ethical when consuming. Basically, as human beings we are plagued with contradictions and our actions are not always aligned with our desires or aspirations. But the important thing is to begin to realize that small gestures can have a big impact and that, as consumers, we have a lot to say and do for our own good and that of the planet.

responsible consumers

How can you become a conscious and responsible consumer?

  1. reflect . The first step is necessarily to reflect on how you consume and aspire to consume less and better. Before you buy anything, ask yourself these questions: do I need it? What value does it bring to my life? How does this consumption impact my life and that of others? How does it influence the planet? Is it an ethically produced product? what's your origin? is it biodegradable?
  2. Always keep in mind the “3 R's”: 'reduce, repair and reuse'. Recycling is not the solution, the Earth is collapsing.
  3. Buy locally and support small local businesses to activate the local economy.
  4. Choose and prioritize sustainable brands with certifications and seals of good practices (to avoid greenwashing ). Brands that promote fair trade, support social, environmental or social inclusion causes.
  5. Learn, act and ask questions. In many cases, ignorance or the advertising bombardment blinds us. Help others by enlightening them on this topic and inviting them to be part of the change as well.

The most important step is the first . Deciding to start this transformation process is vital so that our daily consumption decisions build the type of society in which we want to live.

From Vegan Expedition , we claim responsible consumption to build a fairer and more responsible society . We firmly believe that there is a way to live in harmony with nature in a sustainable way . That is why we promote a conscious lifestyle to live fully and holistically on Earth. Thus uniting daily practices and values ​​to build a new society together.

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