Enhances the energetic power of lunar cycles

Mar 23 2021

The changes of the moon can be observed with the naked eye: it appears, grows, reaches its fullness, decreases and disappears. Does this process sound familiar to you? Just like the moon, human beings have the same biological rhythms: birth, growth, fullness, decline and death.

lunar phases energy baths

During the day, the presence of the sun illuminates us, representative of the masculine principle, regularity in cycles, unity. When it falls, the moon appears with all its power , symbolizing periodic irregularity, multiplicity (because of its continuous changes) and also the feminine principle .

Just as knowing its energetic influence is important to vibrate in tune and align our actions with the pulse of nature, you can also perform rituals -such as flower baths- that enhance that lunar energy. We tell you about them at the end of this post.

Its energetic influence

The psychotherapist Lukas Moeller, in his book The influence of the moon on people , states: "Lunation creates various states of mind in man. The fact is really curious, but it is easy to find it in the life of each one of us."

New Moon

Just as the moon is not seen but will begin to be noticed, it is a moment of vision and inspiration. It's time to visualize and sow what we want for the cycle that begins. The definitive moment of the cycle for: start projects, healing treatments, cures.

In this phase of the moon, each one focuses on himself and empathy is not abundant. Even in social encounters, a certain vanity can be observed among those who meet. To be optimistic at this point and take advantage of this energy, we can do introspection and/or meditation work.

Crescent moon

    This is the ideal time to plant everything that requires a long germination (literally and metaphorically speaking, from plants to money). As light increases, organisms are more willing to grow and spread.

    The alert must be in the impulses, because in this phase there is an excess of them.

    first quarter of the moon

      This phase is ideal for our acceleration. It is time to make decisions because at this lunar moment we are more objective, our rational criteria are at their best. In addition, you will find us proactive and constructive . It is a great energetic moment since it charges goodwill relationships and social encounters are usually harmonious.

      This active and objective energy tells us that it is time to transform ourselves: change habits, ways of thinking, acting and feeling.

      full moon

      Just as the moon is observed in its entirety and plenitude , its energy impacts everything that was stimulated in previous phases, reaching its maximum development.

      Our social side is intensified, needing to meet others, to move, to expand, to relate. This is so because we also find ourselves more receptive and emotional (since the reason that predominated in the early phases loses space, occupied by emotion), which greatly favors bonds.

      This emotional character of the full moon can be used to exploit our most creative and fun side . It is time to play and also to be alert so that intense emotions do not end up harming us.

      waning moon

      While the light decreases on the lunar surface, our bodies tend to get rid of what is left over, making it easier to eliminate liquids, toxins, fats, energy parasites.

      It is time for cleaning , applying it at all levels: in our home, in our emotions, on our computer, etc.
      It is time to finish and not to start, since the cycle closes and rests to receive the new accumulation of experiences that await it.

      Boost your energy and reconnect with nature

      In the search to live aligned with the lunar cycles, I invite you to tune in to the rhythms of nature and create a space to connect more deeply with you through a special self-care ritual with water as the main element. To do this, I present to you the Moon Bath botanical bath teas , which will allow you to create a space to slow down, tune in and reconnect .

      Combining ancient wisdom with modern intuitive alchemy, floral moonbaths allow you to harness the energy available during each phase of the moon and connect with yourself.

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