Numerología y Portales Energéticos

What are the energetic Portals?

Feb 02

Numbers are something that has always been part of our life: they are ancient, they were conceived thousands and thousands of ...

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Astrología y Navidad

The perfect gift according to each sign of the zodiac

Dec 16

Gifting is an act of great love and a very beautiful gesture , which can sometimes be affected by the result. Because, let's ...

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Gemas & Hogar: protege y eleva su energía.

Gems & Home: protects and elevates your energy.

Oct 04

Home is a place where many of us, in the last two years, have spent more time than expected. It is a space that allows us to be...

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5 libros espirituales & conscientes para tu autodescubrimiento

5 spiritual & conscious books for your self-discovery

Jul 10

Discover the power that resides in spiritual books and their expansive effect on the mind. Reading has great power. We have...

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