Learn to Sahumar to Heal

May 13 2021

Today I share with you one of my favorite rituals, which has the ability to improve my day in just a few minutes. Do you want to know it?

It is about the sahumo , which is the process where herbs , resins , flowers , leaves , roots or barks are burned . Its powers combine in a single flame, bringing us closer to the divine and allowing us to transcend. Its secret is found in the smoke, it is there where its energetic and medicinal properties are released. I invite you to read this article and be fascinated like me by its power.

handmade incense

warm company

Like yin yang, life has energetic movements upwards, and also downwards. Have you ever felt that stress and a bad mood invade you? Many times it's those negative energies manifesting in you.

To get through those moments where you feel the vibration is low, there are tools that help alleviate and raise frequencies.

One of them, and my favorite, is white sage . Its name comes from "Salvare" which means to heal. This herb, which belongs to a family of almost 900 species, is considered sacred among many cultures thanks to its properties, and this is why it is chosen in the elaboration of our artisan incense sticks.

By lighting a white sage incense you will feel a renewal in your body . Its warm and welcoming herbal perfume helps you feel accompanied, comforted and helps you rest better.

This herb, which transforms energies by changing the ionic composition of our environments, is ideal to use when we want to "appropriate" a place, for example when moving to a new apartment : it eliminates the energies of those who previously inhabited it , giving space to fill it of new energies and luminous vibrations.

Healing and loving: the palo santo

From this bark (which comes from the tree called Bursera Graveolens), it is from where the doors of spirituality open. Due to its frequency, you will see that in places where yoga, reiki or meditation is practiced, a much deeper connection with our being is achieved, due to the property that the palo santo gives off without us realizing it.

Its unmistakable aroma clarifies our emotions and multiplies our positive vibrations . It not only improves mood but also raises self-esteem ; at the same time that it attracts all kinds of abundance .

And if it is about energy, I tell you that the palo santo that you find in our section of handmade incense & natural incenses is sustainable and certified since there are currently palo santo wands obtained from illegal logging that endanger the species. Make sure you buy certified palo santo wands, which ensure the sustainability and quality of your wand.

A combination for every need

Botany gives us many options when it comes to connecting with the transcendental and cleaning our space and aura.

  • Incense : Elevates us towards soul intelligence and sensitivity. It summons the natural light that inhabits us. Cleans the energies of toxins.

  • rosemary : It helps us focus on the truly important things.

  • Mirra: Very useful to accompany grieving processes, it helps to clear memories of the past that are still with us.

  • Rough: Releases negative thoughts and energies, protects highly exposed people.

  • Fresno: It helps us through moments of loss and pain and gives us confidence.

As you can see, sahumar is an excellent way to heal and clean both your body and everything around you.

You can get our handmade incense sticks assembled in our studio/atelier in La Floresta, Barcelona where we combine sacred plants such as white sage and Mediterranean rosemary with different crystals acquired in a sustainable and responsible way, so that everything is in harmony with our way of seeing . and live life.

Take a few minutes to perform your ritual breathing deeply, thank and intention the smoke... and fill yourself with energy of light and love.

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