Connection ritual for Leo and how to grow this season.

Aug 08 2021

Leo is a fixed fire sign, which means that he is not very fond of changes, although this year he will have to adapt to many.

It is the sign of the passions, of the heart, of strength, of the will and it is also the most complex, a central and essential sign. It gives coherence, centrality, creativity. Its ruler is the sun, so it radiates light and shine wherever it passes. Leo has a brutal love force, love of life.

In this new Leo season , it's time to break life beliefs, fixed beliefs to make way for creating new ones, opening new paths of individuality . The time to align with who you want to become, trust and feel your heart.

And this is being a very active month with the 3 lunations in Leo:

  • July 24 , we had a Full Moon in Aquarius.
  • August 8 , New Moon in Leo (perfect time to do the ritual mentioned at the end of the post since this moon is the ideal time to refocus on oneself with new ways of seeing life)
  • August 22 , Full Moon in Aquarius.

It is a very active month with so many lunations and for Leo signs it means avoiding putting off important decisions, trusting your intuition and being honest. Realizing that it is impossible to love without being loved. It is time to promote loving the world unconditionally and it will be returned multiplied.

One of Leo's qualities is that enormous force that creates organization, the ability to create a connection and know what potential each individual around them has in order to help put them in their place so that they can develop it.

Leo likes to be recognized and will do everything possible to make it that way and that's part of the job, understanding and accepting that Leo doesn't need to be seen, just believe in himself/herself.

The first days of the month Leo there will be a Sun-Saturn opposition and then a square with Uranus.

What does this mean?

It is being a month of much learning since this opposition tells us that it is time to flourish and Saturn arrives, which will make us aware of whether this flowering is on the "agenda" or not.

There will be situations that if it is possible to postpone, much better. They will be felt and with well-worked intuition there will be no doubt about the decisions made.

A very representative example of Sol-Saturn:

The Tokyo Olympics have been held without an audience . The hero will not have an audience, he will be alone, he will have to learn to be a hero in solitude, in silence, without applause.

One has to be what one is even in solitude. Regardless of the environment and time. Very difficult for Leo but, as we mentioned at the beginning, big changes are coming and all that remains is to accept them.

And the Sun-Uranus square already warns that sometimes you have to do things without thinking about them too much, express the spirit of the moment without strategies. If you analyze, you paralyze. Feel it, believe in your power, share it and be LOVE in its purest form.

In combination, Saturn will help to materialize these 'uranazos' from solitary and conscious work. Once you have read and assimilated this, it is time to take action and here is this New Moon Ritual in Leo that will make it possible.

New Moon ritual to connect with the energy of Leo and shine like the sun.

To boost the self-esteem and personal security that we all have inside.

1. Find a quiet place , where you can be alone and in silence to connect with the most spiritual being that lives in you.

2. Light a candle and connect with the element of fire and the energy of the sun. Our Ayurvedic coconut butter candles are ideal for this.

3. Sahuma to purify energy. I suggest you use a white sage incense with amethyst to enhance your intuition , connect with meditation and give you clarity. Another option would be a rosemary incense with tiger's eye.

4. Set an intention. Take a few moments to connect with the intention, you can meditate on it for as long as you need. Light your incense with the candle for at least 10 seconds. Bathe in the purifying sacred smoke and repeat your intention mentally (or out loud if you prefer).

5. Bring your incense to the height of the third chakra (in the solar plexus), the center of your personal security. Stay there for as long as you need, reconnecting with your intention and staying in the present moment.

6. Now take the incense to the Ajna chakra (third eye) to increase and connect with your intuition.

7. Close the ritual by connecting again with your intention and meditate for at least 11 minutes.

Time does not exist so all that remains is to enjoy the here and now.
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