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Oct 04 2022

Home is a place where many of us, in the last two years, have spent more time than expected. It is a space that allows us to be and relax, when it is well conditioned. The energy given off by the different spaces that make up our house has a direct effect on our own well-being and frequency. And the frequency at which we vibrate determines the emotional state in which we find ourselves.

We are intimately connected with the environment around us : sometimes we can act to make it beneficial to us (like in our home) and sometimes we can't (like the outside world). If we sculpt a space of warmth, harmony and beauty within our home, we can always go to this place to recover, recharge, regenerate and energize ourselves .

For this, the use and arrangement of different gems and crystals in the different spaces of the home is something to take into account, as they help us to harmonize and purify stagnant energy and redistribute and amplify positive energy .

Did you know that there are very old traditions, deeply rooted in certain civilizations (such as feng shui in China) that seek to improve environmental conditions to promote well-being and general harmony of the individual with their environment? It's not something we're making up; it is something that has been inherited for thousands and thousands of years.

There are specific gems and crystals for different rooms in the house. Keeping this in mind when decorating and setting it with the energy of these minerals from the earth is essential so that the energy is ordered and balanced. White and pink quartz, amethyst , selenite , are basic gems that can work perfectly in all rooms and can move according to the intention you give them or the state you are in.

The most important thing when choosing a gem or crystal is to think about where you want to place it at the present moment, without getting too attached to its location, because it can change: remember that life is a river that never stops . Feel, with all your being, where in the room you are going to place, on a piece of furniture or altar, the stone and with what intention you are doing it:

What effects do you want it to have?

What is the purpose of this act?

What synergy do you want to establish between space and stone?

If you are very lost and do not know which gems work best for each space, then we leave you a list of different crystals as a small guide .

Gems for the bedroom

In the bedroom, for example, it is important to avoid high-frequency stones such as obsidian, as they can disturb your sleep. In this case, we will choose crystals like amethyst , a crystal with a high energy, meditative and relaxing vibration that works on our emotional, spiritual and physical body.

By placing it on the altar of the room where you sleep, it will absorb the stagnant energy of the space, generating harmony and a warm atmosphere. Its ability to slow down and relax the mind makes it an ideal gem for children's rooms .

Another interesting gem is rose quartz because in addition to being the stone of love, it is ideal for harmonizing and continuing to raise the frequency of intimacy and connection between two people or with oneself.

Gems for the bathroom

You can decorate your bathroom with a moonstone , since it receives all the energy from the phases of the moon to connect us with our own cyclicity. In addition, it activates our feminine energy to bring the depths of our being to the conscious level. The bathroom is a space for cleaning, for beauty rituals, for intimacy... nothing like a stone that helps us improve self-esteem and let go of old patterns to give way to new paradigms.

White quartz is another very good stone for the bathroom: its ability to work all the chakras with a specific intention raises the frequency of your most personal and raw dreams, which are often revealed in this place in the house.

Gems for the hall

This same white quartz is a good ally to use in the hall. It is the most powerful energy regulator that exists due to its helical crystalline composition. It has the ability to absorb, store, release and unblock stagnant energy : and the hall is one of the most 'contaminated' spaces generated by those who inhabit the house, but above all brought by visitors from the outside world.

Selenite and amethyst are two other gems that can inhabit this space when you need to calm the environment and create harmony and presence. We will also use them for the living room: we see it below.

gems for the living room

For the living room, you can use a selenite because it is not only ideal for meditation, since it deepens meditation and instills peace, but also neutralizes electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices and helps resolve internal/external conflicts and stabilizes emotions .

Amethyst is another very interesting gem for this place, as it helps to sustain and keep a community and/or family group together .

Gems for the work area

In this case, obsidian or pyrite are very good choices, since they are gems that activate energy, attract prosperity and abundance, promote creativity, and help us act.

If you feel that your professional life is a bit chaotic, we recommend that you place an amethyst in your work area, whether at home or in the office. This stone will help you harmonize the environment and align with the present moment, offering you order, clarity and peace of mind.

Tourmaline , for its part, is a gem that can help protect you from the negative waves that certain types of projects or turbulent moments can generate .

Shungite is ideal for placing on top of a router or near a ceramic hob (in the case of the kitchen, which we will see later), since it absorbs all electromagnetic frequency.

Gems for the kitchen

We have already seen that shungite is a stone to place in this room of the home.

Celestine druse is another fantastic gem for the kitchen: especially when you're feeling lacking in creativity and in need of new culinary inspirations. This wonderful gem with bluish tones has a high vibration that gives us a great connection with the spiritual world. It attracts good understanding in complicated relationships, providing clarity when communicating (we all know that the kitchen is, in most homes, the authentic space for union, communion and nutrition). In addition, it provides mental calm, dissolves worries and helps to flow from intuition and expression, to achieve novel dishes and splendid flavors.

As you can see, the power of gems and crystals goes beyond the act of meditating or placing them on an altar. They can become powerful decorative tools that channel, regulate, and balance the vibration frequency of the different spaces in your home . It is not a mere excuse, nor a whim: it is a subtle reality but with many positive effects.

We invite you to discover a whole selection of gems and crystals.

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