How to energetically transition towards Autumn according to Ayurveda

Sep 21 2022

Discover our tips, inspired by the science of Ayurveda and gems, to direct your energy and vitality towards the autumn season.

The transition from summer to fall is a very powerful spiritual time . From taking the mental focus outwards, from being with the five senses completely focused on the world of the physical, autumn invites us to reconnect, little by little, with our inner world, with the metaphysical universe.

This does not mean getting carried away by the mind and abstracting from the body: quite the opposite. According to the science of Ayurveda , during the Autumn season it is very important to start following a more kapha , more earthly diet, which roots us, which nourishes us with the succulent and wonderful properties of Mother Earth.

1. A warm diet

The foods that can provide us with this energy are:

  • all types of potatoes and tubers (traditional, sweet potato, purple…),
  • beets, pumpkins, squash ...
  • legumes and whole grains in their hot version,
  • baked, steamed, creamed, or sautéed vegetables,
  • the infusions, the chaï lattes (always with quality vegetable milk)…
  • warm spices such as ginger, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon...

This allows us to keep our feet rooted on the ground . It invites us to connect with a warmer and more leisurely energy, more homely and maternal . It prepares us for all the events that happen again when resuming the work routine, for example. It allows us to stand firm on our foundation, mindful of our most important values.

2. Daily self massages

Another highly recommended Ayurvedic practice is to give ourselves a daily self-massage ( abhyanga) , using sesame oil in this case . With this massage, not only is the lymphatic system activated, responsible for purifying part of the toxins from the body, but it also activates the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin, also known as happiness and motivation hormones . This is essential if you are one of those people who suffer from the little post-holiday depression . Sesame oil is very comforting and warm, it increases body temperature and deeply hydrates the skin.

The massage begins on the soles of the feet and ascends throughout the body to the top of the head, creating circular movements and gently pressing the different muscles and joints . We can do it in the morning, after dry brushing the skin, or as a night routine, after showering and before going to bed.

3. Incorporate Gems and Crystals into your meditations

On the other hand, surrounding ourselves and supporting ourselves with gems and crystals will help us to continue looking and connecting within ourselves. Two of them become more important during this time: the amethyst and the pyrite .


With amethyst , what we can do is more mental work. This stone helps us calm the mind, connect with the present moment and witness our thoughts. This helps us make better decisions, something we tend to do in abundance during the fall season.

Amethyst is a crystal with a high energetic, meditative, and relaxing vibration that works on our emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. You can find it in our online store en punta de 6 caras , which makes it a natural channel to generate energy and redirect it where we need it.

In the form of a druse , the amethyst acts as an energetic resonator with the power to purify energy and harmonize space. Both forms are ideal to incorporate on your altar or in those places in your home where you want to raise the good vibes.


On the other hand, we have pyrite , the gem of abundance. Fire mineral, activates personal power while giving us confidence and persistence to move forward in our day to day. With high positive energy, this crystal is very useful to drive away melancholy ( post-vacation ) and negative thoughts. It provides us with the perfect food to attract what we want in the new student or work year, for example.

In addition, on a physical level it helps reduce inflammation (due, for example, to a change in eating routine, somewhat crazy schedules, long hours exposed to the summer sun...), since it increases the supply of oxygen in the blood. In the online store you can find it both in the form of a natural cube and a massive one.

4. Purifies energy

Sahumar is another highly recommended ancestral practice for this important transition. By smudging the space in which we find ourselves, we not only energetically purify the environment , but we invite the energy that surrounds us to lead us towards our internal cave . In this place of darkness, we can witness everything that scares us and, like trees that gradually shed their leaves, let go of our attachments. Discover our handmade incense sticks with gems here .

Incorporating meditation into your day to day can also help you better connect with the full potential of autumn energy. In this case, we advise you to accompany your practice with the comforting and moisturizing smell of our Ayurvedic coconut candle for the kapha constitution .

5. Conscious movement

Regarding body movement , we will look for something more dynamic and warm during the day (such as a Vinyasa Yoga or Pilates class, Martial Arts, Ecstatic Dance...), and softer and more comforting during the afternoons and/or nights (stretching class or Yin Yoga, Qigong…). Playing with ying and yang is essential for our mental balance, very necessary when it comes to managing our emotional world.

6. Comforting and inspiring readings

Finally, with the slow arrival of lower temperatures, nothing like a good read to delve into the wisdom of the soul with books like The Green Witch or The Witch at Home , Wisdom of the Soul or Shine Sister Shine .

From a more festive and crazy energy, it is important to know how to walk towards a more centered and focused energy. For this reason we have created this article, so that you can make an easy and pleasant transition towards the autumn that awaits you . Tell us how you are living it.

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