5 Conscious and purposeful gifts for the holidays.

Dec 05 2022

Christmas arrives and with it the stress and anxiety to find the perfect gift. We can all, at some point, feel worried and indecisive. It is completely natural. Our goodness makes us want to give the best of gifts. See a smile of great joy in our relatives.

The secret to getting it right and making the perfect gift does not lie so much in the content, but in the hidden purpose: why do I want to give something to this person? what is my intention? what do I want to contribute?

When we focus on making conscious gifts, success is evident. Because? Because there are no expectations, we cannot fail. A conscious gift is a gift that has been conceived from a place of mindfulness: the whole process is enjoyed, not only the goal we seek.

At Vegan Expedition we believe that intentional gifts are sacred: that is why we have created five conscious kits uniting the mineral kingdom with that of plants to work on different intentions focused on a journey towards the purest and most essential.

These are:

Your benefit? Facilitate your work so that you can gift (or self-gift) something of value, with awareness and intention.

What are the benefits of a conscious gift?

When devising a conscious gift:

  • you work on the most emotional and spiritual aspect of the act of giving,
  • you bring value and love to the recipient of your gift,
  • you consume something that is useful in the long term (although its form may wear off quickly, its effect may last forever),
  • you participate in the eco-friendly movement of a more equitable and conscious consumption...

Whether it's for a conscious invisible friend, a newly pregnant sister, a friend with low self-esteem, a spiritual person, someone who wants to manifest more abundance in their real life, or to give yourself a gift, the intention is the first step to choose the gift.

How is the person to whom you are going to give part of your time and money?

In which vital moment is he?

What do you think you need at this precise moment?

What are your values?

What excites you?

What reaction do you want to arouse in her?

These are some questions you can ask yourself before buying a gift. You can write them down on a piece of paper and respond little by little. As you see the answers, you will realize that the gift will go away, little by little, creating, drawing, manifesting.

Imagine, for example, that the answers are the following:

  • Shy and lacking in self-confidence.
  • Someone make her see how powerful and strong she is.
  • Appreciate the simplicity, the beautiful and the natural.
  • He settles for the little things in life.
  • A great smile.

  • In this case, our Kit to Connect with Self-Love would be a perfect option. Because? Because the elements that make up this kit are designed to awaken and develop people's self-esteem. In addition, its origin is organic and natural, and its effect lasts in the long term. No one is completely immune to the power of gems and rituals. We are energy. We interact with all energy elements, even if we are not fully aware of it.

    But this is just an example. As we have mentioned before, in our online store you will find other conscious and intentional kits with different purposes :

    In addition, you can also create your own personal kit. In this case, we advise you to use the process of:

    - ideation and intention (what is the intention?),

    - exploration and decision (what do I want to give away?),

    - creation and design (how do I want to give it away) as something playful and fun.

    Because giving gifts should not be something boring or complicated.

    After all, the simple fact of wanting to awaken joy and enthusiasm in a loved one is enough . It is the true gift and the most conscious.

    Nothing is more valuable than honest intention and the desire to create joy and harmony.

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