The importance of emotional cleansing

Mar 14 2022

A body is not only made up of organs and bones. It is also built from thoughts, which are manifested through emotions and sensations. These energetic compounds can block and create internal knots, when repressed or restricted.

March is the month of the emotional, as it is governed by the most sensitive and emotional water star: Pisces . In astrology, this sign connects us to our humanity, vulnerability, and humility. Pisces is the most sensitive, emotional and pure being there is. Your energy is charged with compassion, kindness, sympathy, intuition and sensitivity. On the other hand, its darker side connects us with emotional states such as melancholy, laziness, shyness, escapism, and victimhood.

It is highly recommended to take advantage of the sensitivity of this star to cleanse and purify ourselves. Because only through observation, acceptance and forgiveness, we can dilute bad memories and heal our internal traumas .

When we start to heal old wounds, we reconnect with our divine dimension. We are like a caterpillar that, after months of study, practice, meditation and devotion, can transform into its most beautiful version: a butterfly full of elegance and delicacy.

It is essential to understand that emotions are not, per se, good or bad. Emotions are. Just like thoughts are. Or what the facts are. The secret of happiness is not always feeling the same. The secret of peace is to accept, let go and embrace life in its rawest and most real state . And energy cleanings are a very good tool.

When we purify ourselves on the inside, we release a lot of demands and we are better prepared to enjoy a simple and full life. Because when our ego starts to humble itself, we learn to see wonders every day.

But in order to appreciate the smell of a flower, the color of the awakening sun, the song of a bird or the complicit look of a relative, we have to stop, let go, clean and accept.

In this case, we believe that the use of magical and energetic objects can help you in this purification process. At Vegan Expedition, we promote a conscious, consistent, and understood use of crystals and incense, candles, and gems to ritualize our lives and connect with our essence.

white sage incense incense handmade

Elements to ritualize your inner cleanliness

Starting with an energetic cleaning of the space is always appropriate: using a white sage incense with white quartz , for example, helps us purify the space in which we find ourselves, something very important to tune in with our purest and highest self. You can choose between other gems to create your incense .

Rose quartz is a perfect gem to use in our purification ritual, where inner cleansing and connecting with compassion are fundamental acts to forgive and transform ourselves. You can place it in front of the heart, at the seat of the fourth Chakra, Anahata, during your meditation.

If what we need to clean are love traumas, for example, pink tourmaline is a good option to incorporate into our meditation. It helps us work on empathy and understanding, it connects us with giving and receiving love, it helps us relativize and find solutions with creativity and insight. Here we will also place it in front of the Anahata Chakra.

If we find ourselves in a moment of extreme sensitivity, moonstone can help us balance this characteristic of water. It also improves self-esteem and helps us let go of old patterns to give rise to new behaviors.

moonstone sphere

On the other hand, the energy of the amethyst cleanses our aura and gives us greater mental focus, two very important elements when it comes to discerning between enriching memories and limiting memory to release old patterns, remember useful experiences and attract new realities.

Each person can carry out the purification ritual that suits them best: in the end each one carries their own emotional wounds and feels the need to embrace very personal realities.

All the incense, crystals and elements of Vegan Expedition are good allies to purify yourself inside. Each one will connect you with a specific dimension of your being: all can help you heal old wounds and enjoy a calmer life.

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