Ritual to flourish and manifest this Spring

Apr 07 2022

Discover the energy that reigns during spring and its drive to inspire new ideas.

Spring arrives with a very intense energy: Aries begins the new astrological year with its tendency to action and manifestation. After leaving behind the visionary ability of an aquarium and the sensitivity that Pisces gave us, it is time to act and create.

We have already imagined the ideas that we want to carry out. We have already purged our body and mind of what we no longer need. Now we have to start. Begin. Manifest.

Aries is the sign of impulsiveness. It is the engine that provides energy and drives creative ideas. It is very good to use the imagination, but it is very important to concretize it in the material world. Otherwise, we can feel frustrated and melancholy.

We live in a very Aries society; It's true. However, we can learn something from everything. And although our way of living has some small flaws, it also has some very good things. Thanks to the impulse to want to improve our quality of life, we have created authentic wonders.

Doing is not a bad thing if it arises from being. We are to do; we do not make to be. What does this mean? That thanks to more introspective and winter seasons such as that of Scorpio, Aquarius or Pisces, it is time to water those reflections and conclusions with the solar energy of spring. With the desire to act of Aries.

The month of April is a good time to start new projects, engage in interesting conversations, soak up positive and creative energy. It is a time of great proliferation and expansion: the flowers begin to appear, the leaves grow again and the singing of the birds is more frequent.

On an energetic level, you may feel a great wave of optimism and motivation: use it to your advantage. You may feel the need to hug and laugh more: do it uncontrollably. Because it's true: spring, blood alters and it's very nice to celebrate its beauty. It is a very sunny time. A season full of births in all areas: work, social, personal and spiritual.

There are some gems that can help us correctly manage this overflowing energy of life, such as amethyst , which can facilitate making interesting decisions. White quartz improves concentration, a very necessary skill to carry out actions conscientiously and correctly. Obsidian can also be very useful, since an excess of energy can trigger large spikes of stress and anxiety.

Bearing in mind that spring is an explosion of color, smell and a lot of passion, it would be very interesting to create a ritual that celebrates this expression of life and energy with a stone like white quartz, as it helps us to align ourselves with the positive energy of the environment. .

Ritual of Flowering and Manifestation of Ideas:

To learn to channel and use this extra dose of energy, it is important to meditate, reflect and act. This is a ritual that not only celebrates the abundance of life through the proliferation of ideas and energy, but also helps you manage the impulsiveness and impatience typical of spring.

  1. Find a quiet place, where you can be alone and in silence to connect with the most spiritual being that lives in you. You can carry with you a white quartz crystal . Place it on an altar or let it rest in your hand. It is your teacher. Your guide during this time. You can accompany your meditation with the image of a flower. Physically place her close to you.
  2. Sahuma to purify the energy of the environment. I propose to use a white sage incense with green quartz . This combination will help you connect the body with the mind, something that you will need if you want to act and undertake.
  3. Take a comfortable and dignified posture. With the chest wide open and the shoulders relaxed.
  4. Set the following intent:

I want to take advantage of the positive and elevated energy of spring to carry out everything that I have been afraid to start. I want to act from awareness and self-knowledge, without being a victim of my passion and lowest desires. I want to align myself with the sun and its warmth, and offer this warmth to everyone who crosses my path. I want to be the flower that every person contemplates when walking through nature.

  1. Now write down all those things that you want to create, expand or see flourish. Imagine that there are no barriers or borders and you can manifest everything you want. Let your limiting beliefs gradually fade away and connect with the enthusiasm and love of your inner child. Let him dream, imagine and project.
  2. Now bring the incense to the height of the first chakra, so that all that explosive energy can take root in the earth and materialize in the world of matter.
  3. Close the ritual connecting again with your intention and remember that to perform a good deed you must guide yourself with your heart. Use your inner light. Embody the union.
  4. Finally, take a botanical bath with herbs and wild flowers. You can use our botanical lunar bath for the growing moon , a stimulator of your deepest and most sincere desires, a great toner, which will help you align with the energy, strength and vitality of this lunar phase. You only have to infuse half the contents of the bottle in a container with hot water for 20 minutes. Strain and pour directly into the bathwater. Dive in, remembering your intention and tuning in to your breath.

Are you ready to bloom this spring?

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