Learn to tune in to the energy of Aquarius: explore the new and unknown.

Feb 09 2022

Discover the power of Aquarian energy and enter the world of innovations and disruptions.

February is the month of the new. The energy of this beautiful month, when the almond trees bloom and nature prepares to put on a new outfit, is fantastic for starting something different. To make the decision to create something different. To be a little rebellious.

Aquarius and its innovative energy

This month is ruled by the sign of Aquarius , the penultimate sign of the zodiac. From January 20 to February 18, the Sun will be transiting this sign, offering a special energy to tune in. The atmosphere that is palpable during this month is different: Aquarius clearly implies a leap into the void to create something different, rebellious, novel, irreverent .

It is a perfect time to use your imagination and creativity and explore new paths to travel. If you are stuck at work and need a 360 degree change, the month of February is a good time to take the plunge.

If you feel like you want to change your look and transform your appearance, you shouldn't feel bad, it's completely normal. This happens because the Aquarian energy is interacting with your energy field and is driving you to be or do something new.

If you feel the need to leave everything behind and embark on the journey of your dreams, February is the perfect month.

The interesting thing about this creative and disruptive energy is that it allows us to create new paradigms . And the new paradigms are essential to evolve as a human species. Change generates fear: but we must learn to manage this fear so that it drives us to do different things and does not limit us to being the same as always. We must use the vertigo generated by the unknown to overcome our conditioning and manifest our authentic dreams.

They say that geniuses are usually a little crazy: but in reality, the crazy person is the one who gives up his dreams because he believes that he has no rights. The complete right to be who you really want to be, to think how you would really like to think and act as your intuition suggests you do.

Create new communities to build new societies

The month of Aquarius is also great for coming together, building community, and discussing a new reality . It is the small changes that generate great miracles, and as the great sages say, it is the union that creates strength. Through small steps taken in unison with other individuals, we can establish new beliefs, promote other types of trends, create entirely new companies, literally manifest big surprises…

These new brotherhoods that are generated in the month of February are not rigid, quite the contrary: Aquarius does not like attachment, he needs to be free like the wind . Communities based on freedom, justice and equality are created. Authenticity is promoted and an identity is not sought: on the contrary, this month is for letting us be what we really want to be.

It is also a very mental time: you may feel that during this month, your mind is working more than normal. Aquarians like to think a lot, but above all they like to reflect so that they can create a new reality. They use thoughts to create new foundations. February is, therefore, a month of construction and innovation.

Crystals and gems to create new things

Using crystals such as amethyst or obsidian in your daily meditations are ideal for awakening inspiration and connecting with your creativity. The first unlocks stagnant energies in a space, energetic blockages that often prevent inspiration and imagination from sprouting.

The second is perfect for instilling courage and courage in our creativity and not being afraid to go beyond our comfort.

Because it takes a lot of courage and love for yourself to be someone different . We all know how much we like to receive the approval of others: but sometimes it is more important to be disruptive for a while, so that new thoughts can take hold in society and a new reality is created.

Portal 2/2/2022

It is a very special day, since a cycle full of magic and surprises begins until 02/22. It brings with it a very transcendental energy, ideal for connecting with our spirituality and meditating.

In addition, the energy portal of 2/2/2022 marks a very important moment of trust, honesty, openness and resignation. This energy asks us to be patient; that we observe situations well and learn to set limits.

The number 2 is a master number that represents duality, polarity and feminine energy: during these days, we can feel more sensitive, our mood can wander more... But don't worry. It's completely normal.

Energy balance and alignment rituals are perfect for this moment. You can use white quartz to stabilize your emotions and rose quartz to connect with your love and trust to navigate these uncertain tides with courage and courage.

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