5 spiritual & conscious books for your self-discovery

Jul 10 2022

Reading has great power. We have been reading for thousands of years. Reading is a way of exploring new realities, getting to know different mentalities, discovering different personalities . Through reading, we delve into special stories, we nourish ourselves with enlightening knowledge, we live magical moments and completely opposite to our reality.

That is why reading is essential.

There is a category of sacred books: the spiritual writings that expand our consciousness. The ancient texts. transformative stories. These stories not only expand our mind, but allow us to be more aware . Spirit books are a gateway to unknown dimensions, magical universes, and dream paths.

What is a spiritual book?

A spiritual book is a book that, beyond a story, awaits a transforming lesson . They are books that speak to your spiritual being. They often use the language of energy to connect with your most pristine dimension . In these books, words are the showcase for something bigger: they are the gateway to an intimate, meditative experience.

Conscious and spiritual books provide us with tools to live a fuller, sincere and long-lasting existence. They offer us life lessons, wisdom and energy. Through them, we nourish ourselves inside. They are not a distraction, nor a source of evasion. Quite the opposite.

This literary genre is a great gift. At Vegan Expedition , we believe that the best investment one can make is to know what it is and Summer is a great time to dive into a great book . For this reason, we have created a section in the online store where you will find different books for different situations and vital moments. We tell you all about them later.

What are its effects on the mind?

Spiritual books have a very powerful effect on the mind .

Did you know that reading is a form of brain training? What when reading you keep your mental capacities in good condition and healthy?

Also, by reading a spiritual book, by drawing on the wisdom and experience of others, you develop empathy, compassion, and humanity . You unfold your own understanding of what it means to be human.

When you read a spiritual book, your entire brain is activated : the ability to decode and understand words, memory, imagination, reason... But also, what makes these mystical writings very special is their ability to awaken your own intuition and speak to your heart . This is essential to create a more humane and egalitarian world. This is vital to progress in life and live with others in peace and harmony.

Reading through the heart is transformative. And transformation is one of nature's greatest virtues. Through this process, we can change any event. See each moment with new eyes. Learn from every second something completely different. One of the vital purposes of the human is self-knowledge .

Since schools have not taught us, it is important to educate yourself and train in this discipline that is so rewarding and useful for day to day . The teachers can be, in this case, the conscious books. Through the plasticity of the brain, they allow us to see new realities. Travel unimaginable paths. Connect with all our potentialities.

List of spiritual books to develop more consciousness.

At Vegan Expedition we have made a careful selection of books so that you continue to evolve in your personal & spiritual growth this summer.

In our little spiritual library, you can find Rebecca Cambpell's wonderful work, “Sister Sparkle, Sparkle” – a fantastic guide to creating a new feminine archetype to lead these times of great change and awakening. A manual to heal insecurities, limiting beliefs and conditioning patterns and live a fuller, lighter and more feminine existence.

Another great spiritual story is "Wisdom of the Soul" by Ophra Winfrey, a compilation of the most inspiring and enriching conversations with the great mystics of the current era (Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Pema Chodrön, Deepack Chopra...), which the author has I had the great fortune to interview.

You will also find "The Green Witch" or the "Witch At Home" by Arin Murphy Hishcok, two complete guides to rituals, spells and natural magic to transform your outer home and your inner world.

Another great spiritual and at the same time very earthly manual is "The Red Moon in Work and Business" by Miranda Gray. In it you will find tools to develop awareness as a woman on this planet and the power that the menstrual cycle offers you to develop any type of company or achieve any goal. It is an interactive book, because it not only offers advice, it is also made to complete circular diagrams, exercises and checklists...

These are just some of the wonderful literary treasures that you can find in our online store . Remember that sometimes a simple word, a story or the experience of an unknown person can upend and change your whole life. We are all connected: we are all inquiring. Awaken your curiosity, read regularly and you will see how your life is truly transformed.

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