The perfect gift according to each sign of the zodiac

Dec 16 2022

Gifting is an act of great love and a very beautiful gesture , which can sometimes be affected by the result. Because, let's be honest, we all want to give the best of gifts and make the other feel important and lucky. But sometimes this is not easy.

To keep this beautiful intention (to give as a gift) protected and elevated, we want to make it easier for you through astrology. Yes, through astrology.

And you will wonder, why?

Read on to understand it.

Why knowing a person's astrological sign can help us get our gift right?

Knowing about astrology can help us better understand the other . By knowing a little more about another person's way of being and behaving, we can better choose the gift we want to give them.

Because the perfect gift is not the one we are excited to give but the one we believe the other considers perfect for him. Obviously, there will always be the trace of our own experience: and this makes the gift something even more valuable and sacred.

Each person is born under a different stellar and planetary arrangement, and this affects their way of being, thinking and even reacting.

Imagine, for example, that one person is very excited about material gifts, while another prefers experiential gifts. This, many times, is related to your natal chart. A Taurus will be really happy if they receive a nice object as a gift (like a crystal or gem), while a Sagittarius will prefer a gift related to a more experiential experience (like an empowerment workshop).

Christmas and Astrology

The way in which our natal chart is structured and organized reflects our emotional tendencies, thought patterns and/or even behavior, and the way we perceive life... and everything that makes us unique and different.

To make it easy, we have thought of giving you a gift idea for each zodiac sign (in its Sun, that is, its main sign).

What is the best gift for each zodiac sign?

Aries : For these feisty and energetic people, an amethyst gem is ideal. It helps them manage their hyperactivity, slow down their way of thinking, channel overdose of energy and teaches them to be calmer. On the other hand, they will love the kit to connect with their Self-Love : Aries love to take care of themselves and pamper themselves.

Taurus : this sign loves beautiful and special things. Therefore, our new white quartz druse can be the perfect gift for this Christmas: it is elegant, feminine, soft and aesthetic. On the other hand, the kit to connect with Maternity will also seem like a good idea, since it aligns with your charitable and nutritious side.

Gemini : sign par excellence of learning and communication, we recommend any of our books: Shine Sister Shine is fantastic for these individuals who are eager for wisdom and knowledge. On the other hand, the Protection Kit will help you protect yourself from external negative energies.

Cancer : People with the Sun in this sign need to feel loved. There is no doubt that a rose quartz is the perfect gift for them: it reflects the unconditional love they seek and need, as well as representing a divine jewel. On the other hand, the Self Love kit will help them feel more secure and loving towards themselves.

Leo – Leos often need to be the center of attention and are very appreciative of luxury and extravagance. A pyrite cube, with its golden sparkles and elegant aesthetics, is the perfect gift for them. As for the Kits, we recommend the Self-Love Kit , since like Aries, they love to take care of themselves and pamper themselves.

Virgo : organizer and detailer par excellence, people born under this sign will greatly appreciate the Kit to connect with their Spirituality . In how many gems, we recommend the amethyst druse as it acts as an energetic resonator with the power to purify energy, harmonize space and favor meditation.

Libra : a scented candle is ideal for a person with Sun in Libra. Also, being the air element, you already know: the special Ayurvedic coconut candle for vatta is the perfect detail to balance and content them. On the other hand, this sign needs the Protection Kit since it tends to be very social and needs to protect its positive energy.

Scorpio : great challengers and very similar to feminine energy, the Spirituality Kit is your best ally. This contains the perfect energy to support them in their processes of deep self-knowledge and their moments of silence and isolation. On the other hand, a gem like the Moonstone is ideal as it helps them balance their excess sensitivity.

Sagittarius : for this great spiritual seeker, a book like Real Magic or Crystal Grids will fascinate them. Remember that they are one of the signs that most crave spiritual knowledge and connect with the astral world. The palo santo and fairy quartz bundle: Raise your Vibration is also a gift that he will love.

Capricorn : for this sign, a stone that organizes and harmonizes the energy of your home is ideal. In this case, we recommend the selenite , along with its beautiful bowl of water. They will also like the Abundance Kit a lot.

Aquarius : visionary and different par excellence, Aquarius needs something completely different and new. For them, the oracle is perfect: not only does it represent a tool to visualize what is coming, but its aesthetic is very particular and reflects the astral world. They will also like the Spirituality Kit a lot as they tend to be very meditative and inquisitive people.

Pisces : considered the most spiritual sign, lover of the esoteric and a good meditator, they will like any Vegan Expedition product. If you still need a bit of clarity, we recommend the book Wisdom of the Soul or the Jazmin Ayurvedic candle . Another great gift could be any of our gemstone sage incense sticks to empower your intentions and purify your energy.

So, you see: making a conscious gift, taking these principles into account, is easier than you think. The important thing is that you feel comfortable giving it away and that you feel that your heart does it smiling and singing. We only give you some advice, but you must do what really resonates with your inner being.

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