How to choose a crystal for your incense?

Apr 26 2022

The ancestral practice of sahumo connects the world of plants with spirituality, a sacred ancestral ritual in many ancient shamanic cultures, religious and magical ceremonies of all times and traditions.⁣

What are incense sticks?

A sahumerio is a bunch of one or more sacred aromatic plants , such as sage, rosemary, lavender, rue, mint or even cinnamon. Its aromas will give you a sense of peace and good energy. This, you can combine with the power of each crystal or gem.

This smoke with the smell of nature purifies your energy and that of any room. Depending on the base you use to smudge, the final purpose will be one or the other.

Sahumar brings us closer to the divine, to our origins, to transcend.

What happens when we join a gem or crystal to the incense?

When we unite the kingdom of plants with the kingdom of minerals, magic is created. To the qualities of the plant are added the powers of the crystal and its power is amplified. This allows us to create a ritual with a double purpose; this helps us to work deeper on our intentions and desires.

In addition, it has been seen that rosemary incense enhances the power of any crystal : it is a great ally when working with gems and stones.

What are the benefits of sahumar with a crystal?

Thus, the benefits of smudging with a crystal are the following:

  • Purify the energy of your aura, home or space
  • Creates a very powerful synergy to heal emotional issues
  • Connects you with your essence and with the Earth
  • Relax your mind and speed up the inner healing process
  • Work different aspects in the same ritual
  • Creates a very powerful synergy to heal emotional issues

At Vegan Expedition we have carefully studied the energetic properties of each crystal and made combinations with different sacred plants to create unique sacred elements. with a heavenly purpose and bearer of a magical and transforming experience.

We believe that each person has their own bio-individuality and, therefore, each ritual is unique and special. We do not like to condition the choice of our energy products, but we do like to provide information about it.

For example, rosemary incense sticks are perfect for:

  • Carry out a physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing
  • Recover mental clarity and serenity
  • Calm the tumult generated by emotions
  • energize the body
  • relax the mind

Rosemary has been used as a sacred plant for thousands of years by different ancient cultures. The act of smudging is, therefore, a very old habit with numerous benefits.

Choose your glass to smoke something special.

As we have mentioned before, each person works in a different way with each incense and with each crystal. We recommend that you let yourself be guided by your intuition when choosing your gem or crystal. Here you can find all our handmade sahumerios . Made with a lot of love and presence in La Floresta, Barcelona.

However, we would like to share with you some properties of the combinations of white sage or rosemary incense with gems to help you choose it.


  • Provides a pleasant feeling of peace, tranquility and well-being
  • Absorbs and channels the energy of the body, mind and environment
  • purifies the environment

white quartz

  • Amplifies any energy or intention
  • Provides a pleasant and attractive energy
  • Drive away negative energies

Pink quartz

  • Connect with kindness and self-love
  • put the arguments away
  • awaken gratitude

green quartz

  • Work the balance between body and mind
  • Promotes personal growth
  • It encourages compassion and connects you to the Earth.


  • purifies the energy
  • Provides balance
  • Power the intuition


  • Heals and decongests emotional blockages
  • calm the mind
  • Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation

Moon Stone

  • Awaken the feminine energy
  • smoothes the body
  • stabilizes emotions

Tiger's Eye

  • increases creativity,
  • Attracts positive energy
  • Promote abundance...

As you can see, each crystal has a very special vital function . Accompanied by incense, its power is more evident and powerful. Sahuming your spaces, starting your rituals or ceremonies with sacred smoke, setting the home with its natural and vegetable aroma is an ideal option to find the peace and serenity of your real essence .

What combination of incense + gem do you prefer?

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