Connection Ritual for Scorpio and how to align with Autumn.

Oct 26 2021

Discover the energy of Autumn: face your fears and connect with your desires.

The month of November is ruled by Scorpio, a water sign. This astrological sign aligns very much with autumn, causing fluctuations and changes in emotions . His energy confronts opposites and he finds himself in an inner battle that he must continually attend to and face.

This internal struggle arises from his ability to see beyond what is shown. He feels a great interest in understanding the hidden and uncovering it. It is, therefore, a curious energy. An energy that goes beyond appearances and seeks the truth and the essence.

It is an energy that longs to connect reality. She is attracted to secrets, to people's intentions, to the unconscious world, to the deepest and most intimate emotions and longings.

Scorpio season is therefore a time of great inner rebellion : the unsaid, the unexpressed, the unmanifested, the oppressed and hidden come to light. All this accumulation of neglected sensations and emotions spring from the depths of the human being to be contemplated . Observed. understood. attended.

It is very interesting to see how nature works in the same way. In Autumn, the leaves of the trees, orange and dry, begin to come off the trunk. The trees are emptied of their clothing to show their essence : trunks stripped of color, natural skeletons that show their inner form.

In addition, the days begin to shorten: darkness begins to reign. The nights are getting longer, inviting introspection and inner listening . The temperature drops, retracting all living beings towards their homes. It's not by chance. Everything, in Nature, has an intentionality.

From the point of view of Ayurveda , Autumn is the season of Vata , a dosha made up of air and ether. The air is necessary to remove stagnant emotions and the fundamental ether to give them space.

To make the most of this season, meditation is a great ally. You can do it together with our Ayurvedic coconut candles.

Autumn, with its vata and scorpion energy, a dynamic and curious energy , invites us to fully face our own fears. With our opposites. With our lights and our shadows. With our longings and aversions. With our dreams and fears. All this makes up our person, and once accepted and understood, we can walk with more freedom and security. With more confidence and peace.

Approaching a Scorpio during this time of year is wonderful if you are feeling lost or confused. Your natural tendency to inquire, question and explore all facets of a person can help you bring light to your shadows. Sometimes we are so convinced of our own beliefs about life, so absorbed in our own reality, that it is difficult for us to see beyond. The Scorpio season is made for that. To uncover the veil and penetrate the uncertain. To get out of the known and into the unknown .

The stars and nature align to show us the path: contemplate and question ourselves, feel and abandon ourselves. These events take on great importance at this time of year. Like the trees, we must shed our clothing and face our essence.

The sign of Scorpio has Pluto and Mars as ruling planets, two masculine stars that oppose their feminine side. The magnetism of this sign is palpable . His overflowing magic. His stunning sexual passion.

Scorpio connects us with our humanity. With the most primitive side of our essence as living beings. We are human: with fears and longings, obsessions and great fears. None of this is bad. The problem is when we don't want to look at it. Understand it. transform it.

Use this autumn month to investigate. Inquire about everything that you label as “bad”. Question yourself about your own fears and try to see beyond them. Why do you have them? Where do they come from? Are they really yours? Creating a small sanctuary with crystals and stones, with energy candles or an incense is vital to face everything you have wanted to forget. At Vegan Expedition we have a beautiful selection of gems, crystals and handmade incense to use in this emotional time .

It is important to protect yourself when facing our shadows. These, inevitably, will awaken a dense, uncomfortable negative energy... To be able to hold them carefully, to be able to endure their sensations for the necessary time, to go beyond them and transcend them, we need good allies.

Raw fuscite is a wonderful stone for giving us courage: it can help us alleviate stress and mental chaos that arise from contemplating our darkest selves. It helps us build self-esteem and confidence when we navigate seas of longing.

Obsidian is another stone that you can place on your altar when facing your Scorpio energy. It is very effective to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, a perfect ally to see your lights and your shadows, to connect with your gifts and accept your mistakes. It also works as a protection shield against negative energies, thus sustaining you in moments of great intensity and anger.

obsidian pointed scorpio

Samhain ritual to connect with the energy of the shadows.

To understand our "malevolent" fears and desires, to free ourselves from the imprisonment of opposites, this ritual to let go is ideal. A ritual to celebrate the balance between life and death, between the new and the old, between the beginning and the end. A celebration to let go of everything that weakens us and give space to everything that revitalizes us.

  1. Find a quiet place, where you can be alone and in silence to connect with the most spiritual being that lives in you. You can carry an obsidian stone with you. Place it on an altar or let it rest on your hand. It is your shield. Your protector. Your amulet to transit your shadows.
  2. Sahuma to purify energy. I propose you to use a rosemary incense with tiger's eye to connect with its purifying power. Its sacred smoke will protect you from negative emotions, it will give you clarity and it will strip you of stagnant energies.
  3. Take a comfortable and dignified posture. With the chest wide open and the shoulders relaxed. You are going to face your fears: an awakened heart can be a great consolation for these moments.
  4. Set the following intent:

I want to see my fears and free myself from them, I want to stop fighting my shadows and embrace my shadows. I accept myself as I am, with my light and my darkness, with my goodness and evil. Nothing is what it seems, everything is fluctuating and impermanent .

Take a few moments to connect with the intention . You can meditate on it for as long as you need. Feel it and live it for as long as it takes. Light your incense again for at least 10 seconds. Bathe in the purifying sacred smoke and repeat your intention mentally (or out loud if you prefer).

  1. Bring your incense to the height of Anahata chakra (in the heart), the cradle of compassion. Stay there for as long as you need, connecting again with your intention and with the present moment.
  2. Now take the incense to Vishuddha chakra (throat) to let all the unspoken words, all the unspoken conversations surface. To undo the knot in your throat and connect with the liberating power of words.
  3. Close the ritual by connecting again with your intention and meditate for a longer time: ideally 11 minutes is perfect.

How do you feel the energy of scorpio and autumn?

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