Rooting practices for your day to day.

May 10 2022

rooting. A very powerful word. A practice full of magic. We generally live in the mental world . Scientific studies have shown that the ordinary human has around 60,000 thoughts a day, and that 80% are repetitive.

This means that we spend an enormous amount of energy simply thinking. In judging the world around us. In criticizing the things that happen to us or come to us. In Ayurvedic terms, we live in a very vatta and pitta society . We spend all day imagining and creating, thinking and acting. This, in excess, drains our energy, generates diseases and triggers the well-known episodes of burn-out .

Fortunately, there are practices and moments of the year that invite us to slow down and root ourselves a little . Taurus, sign of the earth and of beauty, can help us connect with our more leisurely, sensible and human dimension.

After the untimely energy of Aries, comes the calm and calm bullfighting. The astrological climate of the month of May invites us to stop to accumulate energy and allow things to begin to take shape . So that ideas begin to transform into concrete matter.

Taurus is the most primitive sign of the zodiac, representing the vital pulse of our most basic needs and the cyclical and fertile aspects of the earth . This means that during this time of year, it is interesting to be receptive to the needs of the body.

And how do we do it if no one has taught us to listen to our body?

With rooting practices. Rooting literally means penetrating the earth. Connect very intimately with her. In the dimension of being, the earth element represents the gross, material and most perceptible body. That is why rooting practices help us to hear, feel and understand the body. Because they are practices that allow us to bring all our attention to the sensations we have.

And how we do it?

There are different rooting practices , very simple but powerful at the same time.

Direct contact with the earth : consciously walking barefoot (also known as grounding) through a forest, a field, a beach or a garden is tremendously beneficial for the body. It needs contact with the earth and all the nutrients it awaits, to be in balance and in tune. Through the pores of the skin, the body absorbs the minerals that are present in the fertile soil. This nourishes our physical but also divine energy, because by feeling one with the ground, we are filled with the strength, stability, coherence and solidity that Mother Earth provides us. This practice helps calm anxiety and stress, two major obstacles when it comes to rooting ourselves to listen to ourselves. It also stimulates plantar circulation, creating a very positive effect on different vital organs, such as the heart.

Standing Yoga Poses – There are different yogic postures to balance the Mulhadara Chakra, the root chakra. All these are the standing poses like Tadasana, Urdhva Hastasana, Virabhadrasana I, Virabhadrasana II, Trikonasana. It is important to do it barefoot , opening the soles of the feet very well and rooting each of our fingers. Feeling how the stable and firm energy of the earth penetrates our plantar area and ascends throughout our body. Other asanas that can help us anchor ourselves in the here and now are balance postures such as Virabhadrasana III or Vrikshasana. In this case, we can use drishti (focus our gaze on a specific point of the body) to work on stability and ground ourselves more easily. Finally, sitting postures are also very important to calm the mind and connect with the vital force of the present moment. Paschimottanasana or Sukhasana are two fantastic options, which allow us to connect with the earth through the back of our legs. They offer us a stable base to calm our thoughts, observe our breath and connect with our inner self.

Sahumar : incense is another great ally for rooting processes. Being composed of medicinal and sacred plants, its smoke is impregnated with all its earthly properties. When we inhale and exhale it, we are sending a very specific message to our body: “let yourself be nourished by the magic that resides in the botany of this sacred smoke and allow its connection with the earth to stabilize and calm you”. It is a very powerful energetic practice that we can do even if we are not fully aware of it. Because the most wonderful thing about all this is that, although we are not people who have developed our consciousness very much, nature and the body speak in the same way. You don't need to be a yogi or a very spiritual person to benefit from the positive effects of sahumar. By simply being and breathing, that's it. You can discover our incense with crystals here .

Rooting crystals : there are several gems such as smoky quartz , red jasper, shungite or obsidian that help connect with the Earth's energy and root us.

Kapha Foods : On the other hand, in the science of Ayurveda, foods have been identified that help us stabilize, feel and anchor ourselves. They are dense foods that come directly from Mother Earth. It is no coincidence that they are cultivated under it, since this form of growth provides them with their solid, stable, nutritious and full of life energy. They are tubers such as beets, sweet potatoes or potatoes, for example. a feeding kapha It is a dense, warm, highly nutritious diet that allows us to connect with the most solid and visible dimension of our being: the physical body. This helps us focus our attention on the here and now, reduces the air in our body (often the trigger for large doses of mental agitation) and appeases the fire (which encourages us to be constantly acting and doing).

In order to develop and cultivate our spirituality, it is important to keep our feet on the ground and honor our most earthly dimension. Connect with Mother Earth, root ourselves in her and thus be able to flourish. We are spiritual beings who inhabit a physical body: if we were born in it, it is not wise to reject it. Quite the opposite. Your strength, health and harmony can help us connect with our most divine part.

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