Self care during Christmas

Dec 23 2021

Self-care is an act of great love and a true gift . Taking care of ourselves during Christmas is essential if we want to enjoy this holiday. Did you know that the energy you give off has a direct impact on the well-being of others? What could be more precious than giving away your full attention and complete presence?

During Christmas, we like to celebrate. We love to give away. We enjoy giving. However, to give from sincerity, to give in peace, we must be well. feel good love each other well

When we give from trust, from peace and pure honesty, energy coves. The intention arrives. The gift becomes a miracle.

To convey your unconditional love, you must feel that unconditional love. If you don't give it to yourself, how can you pass it on?

Physical Self-Care

Cultivating the body is cultivating the mind and soul . Keeping it in good condition, strong and healthy is essential to go further. To live life with peace and happiness. There are different practices that you can do during this Christmas to keep your energy high and not fall into exaggerated lust. The whims are good if they are done consciously and in moderation. From gratitude and compassion .

Yoga is a very useful tool for these festivities . You can practice it from home. It helps you focus your mind and use energy consciously. It brings you mental clarity, spiritual determination and offers you necessary qualities such as tolerance, patience or attentive listening. You can practice it every day, adapt it to the schedule you have; flow and enjoy a few moments in solitude to move the body and feel it inside .

The Mindfulwalk is another very nice practice to do at Christmas. Encourage all your family and together, after a good meal and lots of laughter, go for a walk. Walk consciously, feeling the contact of the sole of the shoe with the road or the ground. You can match the movement with the breath; walk in silence being aware of the environment around you. The sounds of nature. The temperature of the day. The energy of the group you walk with. This practice will help you digest food, connect with life, and celebrate the day with your family .

Mindfuleating is ideal for Christmas . Using small moments to breathe, savor and chew the food carefully will help you eat just what is necessary, without excessive excesses. You can practice it on the days you don't have social events, with your closest loved ones or alone. It is very simple. Enjoy a few bites of your plate in silence, chewing slowly, without speaking, and focusing all five senses on your body . That will help you connect with your satiety and observe what feels good and what feels bad.

The spontaneous dance is another activity to practice at Christmas. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the music that you like the most. Don't anticipate any dancing. The key is to flow with the moment and move your body spontaneously. Release stagnant energy through dance. Let the emotions surface. Let the feelings appear. This dance is therapeutic : it allows you to release tension and connect with the joy of life.

Mental Self-Care

Managing emotions allows us to be masters of our reactions. At Christmas, sensitivity is on the surface. We feel more affectionate and vulnerable, more familiar and dedicated. Guilt or irritability, stress or reluctance due to so much activity, therefore social event, can also haunt us.

Building an "emotional routine for Christmas" is essential if we really want to enjoy it.

Meditation is a perfect tool to channel emotional energy and not get carried away by impulsiveness . Sitting for 5 minutes in a quiet and pleasant corner, with a guided meditation, medicine music or in silence is enough. Feeling your breath, releasing tension and stopping doing to simply be gives you great power: owning your being .

Mindfulness is another very useful and enriching discipline . It is the work of full attention, the development of a kinder and more sincere look, the loving treatment of your body, the gratitude of the moment...

Ennoble your Christmas with these spiritual practices and learn to manage your emotions so that they do not dominate you.

Spiritual Self-Care

All living beings emanate from the same place: the spiritual dimension. The universal being The cosmos and its eternity.

Connecting with the most energetic dimension of our being helps us understand a noble truth: we are all united and we are part of the same destiny; uplift humanity and experience the heavenly.

At Christmas the energy is usually higher: they are moments of love in which gifts and attentive gestures abound. Precious family reunions are created, beautiful moments are celebrated around food and its wonders... It is important to take care of our energy: sustain it and accompany it during these days.

Crystals and stones allow us to harmonize our energy field and balance our internal world.

The sahumerios of sacred plants , such as white sage or rosemary , are also very interesting : they allow us to carry out complete energy cleansing. It is highly recommended to do it before organizing large gatherings and after finishing social events. They give us back the peace and serenity that are usually lost in such intense moments of festivity.

Another very interesting spiritual practice is the synchronization with the lunar phases . The moon is a satellite that moves tides and generates great emotional turmoil in women. Learning to align with your vital states gives us more understanding and confidence, more lightness and calm.

Thus, Christmas offers us the great opportunity to take care of ourselves in order to care for others . The most sincere and beautiful gestures are those that are born of authenticity and truth. We cannot give away what we do not have. We cannot give love if we do not feel it inside.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of others .

Don't ever forget it.

And because our purpose is to serve and pamper you, we have created a perfect self-care diary to support your health, well-being and energy during this social and family time. You can download it here .

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