Connect with the energy of New Year's Eve: reflect on your life and let go of what you don't need.

Dec 06 2023

The month of December is a closing period. After the year lived, one has the opportunity to reflect on what happened. The speed at which we are going often prevents us from being aware of what is happening to us. It is all so frantic and sudden that it is very difficult for us to stop, observe and appreciate the events that we experience.

Sagittarius energy

Therefore, using the energy of Sagittarius, the zodiac sign of this month of the year, can help us stop for a moment and question our internal world . The energy that this element of fire gives us is very beneficial: it offers us the opportunity to look inward and observe ourselves with more time.

It allows us to find meaning in any situation and come up with a solution . The astrological climate that Sagittarius offers us is very hospitable: it empowers us with the confidence that the resolution to any problem is possible by connecting with a more global, spiritual and transcendental perspective.

In addition, their enthusiastic energy awakens our joie de vivre. It is a perfect time to celebrate and celebrate life: it is no coincidence that it is also the month of Christmas .

This season gives us the opportunity not only to recap and start over, but to expand our borders and approach the future with optimism and motivation.

The month of the celebration

The month of December is a month of celebration, expansion and love. We celebrate life through food, expand our being through gifts, and practice love through congregation and togetherness.

Tuning in to these kinder and more spiritual tendencies allows us to further our spiritual quest . It brings us closer to our vital purpose: the one that allowed us to be born and sustains us as we are.

Release to start over

Using this month to reflect on everything that has happened and letting go of what no longer serves you , allows you to express yourself. It is a perfect time to address transcendental issues such as:

how I feel? What is the meaning behind what I am doing? where do I want to walk? what is my life purpose?

From here, one can use the holidays to design a life based on their own truth. Through reflection and self-questioning, through meditation and auto-suggestion, one begins to glimpse their true reality. What truly defines you. What makes you beat, sing, dance...

And although everything is a process, and the path is just as beautiful, letting go of the old to sow the new is perfect. December is, for this, the perfect time.

Practicing self-care for your three bodies: physical, emotional, and spiritual, is vital to help and sustain you during this time of self-exploration. For this, you have a beautiful Self-Care Diary that you can download for free, subscribing to the Slowletter so that it accompanies you especially for this time of year .

In it you will find different tools to drop everything that does not serve you and attract what you need. Practices to connect with your body and mind, tools to manage your emotions and free yourself from your fears. Channels to dialogue with your soul and express your truth.

And finally, we would like to offer you a Closing of the Year Ritual .

To really be aware of where we are right now and where we are going, we must give ourselves the space to digest what we have not had time to observe and analyze . This year-end ritual is perfect for this rebirth process . It is a ritual to get rid of the past, connect with the sacred and plant what is expected. In it you will find answers and new ways to build your own existence.

  1. Find a quiet place, where you can be alone and in silence to connect with the most spiritual being that lives in you. You can take a matchmaker druse with you. Place it on an altar or let it rest on your hand. It is your connection portal. The door to your inner world. The key that opens a connection channel with your spiritual being. The one who knows the truth. The one who helps you choose and see.
  2. Sahuma to purify energy . I propose you to use a rosemary incense with selenite to connect with its purifying power and enhance your intuition. Its sacred smoke will protect you from the negative emotions of everything you need to let go of. It will give you clarity about your current situation. It will expand your mind to dare to walk differently.
  3. Adopt a comfortable and dignified posture . With the chest wide open and the shoulders relaxed. You are going to place yourself in front of your past: connect with your heart and trust and do not be afraid of what you may feel. To break free of what blocks you and walk a new path, you must allow anything to flourish.
    1. Set the following intention: I want to be honest with myself, I want to see what has worked for me and what has not worked for me. I make peace with all the situations I have experienced, and I give myself permission. I give myself permission to drop everything that weakens me. I give myself permission to connect with everything that gives me life. I give myself permission to create everything I dream of manifesting. I am a being of great power and I can do everything. I have nothing to lose.
    1. Take a few moments to connect with the intention . You can meditate on it for as long as you need. Feel it and live it for as long as it takes. Light your incense for at least 10 seconds. Bathe in the purifying sacred smoke and repeat your intention mentally (or out loud if you prefer).
    2. Bring your incense to the height of Ajna chakra (between the eyebrows), the seat of vision and clairvoyance. Stay there for as long as you need, connecting again with your intention and with the present moment.
    3. Now take the incense to Sahasrara chakra (crown) to let all the possibilities of life, the infinite wisdom of the universe, inspire you to create your own reality. They allow you to manifest your truth.
    4. Close the ritual by connecting again with your intention and meditate for a longer time: 10 minutes is perfect.

    Remember that life is ephemeral and each year passes faster. Don't stop doing something because you don't feel ready. Nobody took the first step being sure of the result. Every dream requires a little risk. Meditate on your existence to express your own essence.

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