How to manifest your intentions for 2022

Dec 28 2023

January is the month of the new. In January, we have the impression that we can start from scratch. The new year offers us endless possibilities: we can manifest new realities .

This is the energy that is palpable in the environment after leaving the moments of deep existential reflection with Sagittarius. Now that we have meditated, observed and valued everything that has happened to us, we can let go of what we no longer need and begin to attract what we want to see.

Like the phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, we can all be reborn from our neglect . Any problem offers us the opportunity to learn and evolve. Any situation awaits a great lesson inside . January is the month of opportunities, possibilities, vital changes...

how to manifest intentions and dreams

Like all rebirth, there is a process: and the process takes time. Therefore, any new intention must be lived with patience . If we look at nature, it flows at its own pace. He is in no hurry to unfold his full potential. He does it from serenity and kindness.

This is how, ideally, any long-term habit can be established. Through the certainty that novelty requires practice and patience to become a lasting reality.

If your intention is to use sacred rituals to purify your mind of toxic thoughts and learn to generate positive and enriching thoughts, it is important that you practice it daily . May you dedicate time and space to this sacred act. Surround yourself with elements with a high vibration that help you deploy your mission, such as crystals and incense from medicinal plants . In this way, you connect with your intention and the universe is in charge of manifesting it in your life.

self care purify energy

Sacred elements for this time of year

There are different types of gems to establish new habits in your life or create a completely different reality. Pyrites are fire minerals that activate personal power while giving us confidence and persistence to move forward in our day to day . With high positive energy, this gem is very useful for attracting abundance and driving away melancholy and negative thoughts. They are perfect for our rebirthing process.

Another ideal sacred stone to use during this new stage is white quartz . It is the most powerful energy regulator that exists due to its helical crystalline composition. It has the ability to absorb, store, release and unlock energy. What better example to demonstrate your help in processes of rebirth and entrepreneurship.

white quartz generating point

In our conscious online store, you will find a variety of crystals and gems to create your altar and ritualize everything you want to create.

capricorn energy

On the other hand, we have Capricorn energy at our disposal. What does this mean? In Astrology, each month is governed by a Zodiac Sign that presents a series of specific values ​​for certain actions.

The energy of Capricorn supposes that the understanding, order and clarity, arisen in the moments of great reflection of Sagittarius, must take shape, materialize, organize and become real . The Sagittarius visionary and philosophical mind must unfold through the Capricorn concretion and action.

pyrite abundance

The energy available in January is that of new beginnings: embarking on new projects, forming new relationships, moving to a different place, starting a completely new life … If there is something you want to start, this is the month for it.

Life is too short to live other people's reality. used this year to create the greatest of miracles: fulfill your mission and be your best version every day.

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