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· Lavender causes physical relaxation while uplifting the spirit. Relieves stress on all levels and soothes sore muscles.
· Jasmine, known for its dreamy aroma, also relieves pain, relieves muscle cramps and reduces psychological stress. A powerful antioxidant, chamomile moves prana (subtle energy), removes toxins, reduces inflammation, and promotes tissue repair.
· Skullcap calms the heart, reduces burning emotions and calms the nervous system. Tulsi, described in Ayurvedic texts as the Goddess incarnate in the form of a plant, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, soothes headaches, and uplifts the heart.
· Safflower heals and soothes the skin, promoting a healthy glow.
Lavender, jasmine, chamomile, skullcap, tulsi and safflower. All ingredients are organic, vegan, and gluten-free. 34g - 2 baths.
· Infuse half the contents of the bottle in a container with hot water for 20 minutes.
· Strain and pour directly into the bath water.
· Immerse yourself, setting an intention and tuning in with your breath.
· Enjoy your new moon bath during the week surrounding the new moon.
Ideal for your water rituals.
Vegan Expedition is a sustainable project with the mission of restoring the link with ourselves and with the Earth.

Go deeper into your essence by joining our spaces for feminine connection, and honor Nature without compromising its delicate balance with the help of our careful selection of sacred elements.

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Baños lunares florales

New Moon Botanical Moon Bath

New Moon Botanical Moon Bath

Fragrant like a field of lavender and chamomile, this new moon bath tea deeply calms the mind, soothes the physical body, and uplifts the spirit. The New Moon is a moment of rebirth and renewal, which invites us to tune in with our interior and rest.

This bath tea balances the energy of the new moon with a combination of warming and grounding botanicals; invites us to feel comfortable in the void, as this is the open space in which we plant the seeds of new intentions.

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Water Rituals.

Power the lunar energy of each phase with water rituals together with flowers and sacred floral plants to vibrate in tune and align your actions to the pulse of nature.

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