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· The smoke of the white sage incense connects us with our essence, with the Earth and our own inner wisdom.
· Selenite is very good for aligning your energy channels. Absorb and purify emotional waste and activate your inner peace.
· Rose quartz helps you connect and feed the unconditional love of your heart. This gem is wonderful to continue working on compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and listening without judgment.
· Labradorite, is a highly mystical and protective stone, diverts unwanted forces from the aura and forms a barrier against dense energies. In addition, it aligns the physical and etheric body, stimulates intuition and psychic gifts.
· Rhodonite, or "friendship stone". It is used to balance the heart chakra and to ground energy. It is a stone that encourages forgiveness and reconciliation. It also facilitates conflict resolution and states of co-dependency, as well as helping to clean up "wounds" from the past (something important when it comes to being a mother).
· 1 stick of sustainable Palo santo together with a stick of selenite.
· 1 Rose quartz shot.
· 1 Rolled labradorite.
· 1 Rolled rhodonite.
· Each kit goes inside a cotton bag along with an explanatory card for each element + affirmation.
· Each gem is totally unique and may present some variation in tone, size or present some 'imperfection' by its very nature. This is something that makes them unique.
Purify your energy with the white sage incense, repeat the affirmation 3 times and meditate with the gems. To do deep work, do once a day for 11 days.
Place the affirmation somewhere visible so that it stays with you and supports you.
Vegan Expedition is a sustainable project with the mission of restoring the link with ourselves and with the Earth.

Go deeper into your essence by joining our spaces for feminine connection, and honor Nature without compromising its delicate balance with the help of our careful selection of sacred elements.


Kits rituales holísticos

Kit to Connect with Maternity

Kit to Connect with Maternity

This kit is created for you to awaken, nurture and cultivate your maternal side: giving unconditionally to someone in need. Ideal as a gift to new moms. Through the different elements that make up the kit, you will connect with different essential values ​​to be a mother: unconditional love, compassion, femininity, generosity, sensitivity and support. Affirmation: 'I am a being capable of giving life. My essential nature is to give, nurture and receive.'

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Work an intention.

Prioritizing your self-care is essential to live your life with more presence and harmony. Kits with intention have been created to cultivate your body, mind and spirit by uniting the mineral kingdom with that of plants. Ritualize your day to live with more well-being.

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