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In this huipil, the snake is represented in a geometric shape that in the Mayan worldview represents the protection of the human being. Each huipil is totally unique. The colors, symbols and brocades of the huipiles vary depending on the ethnic groups and regions of Guatemala. The artisans use their garments as a means of communication with which they preserve their ancestral heritage, writing their history with colored threads.
· Dimensions: 40 x 47 cm.
· Vintage Mayan huipil from Chichicastenango, Guatemala.
· 100% cotton.
· Burgundy color with geometric shapes in pinker tones.
· Does not include bamboo rod for hanging.
It can be hand washed in cold water.
Vegan Expedition is a sustainable project with the mission of restoring the link with ourselves and with the Earth.

Go deeper into your essence by joining our spaces for feminine connection, and honor Nature without compromising its delicate balance with the help of our careful selection of sacred elements.


Accesorios artesanales

Vintage Wall Huipil Cosmo

Vintage Wall Huipil Cosmo

A unique piece, woven on a waist loom by Guatemalan artisans for more than 3 months. A vintage Mayan huipil (indigenous blouse) from the Chichicastenango region to hang or frame and bring good vibes to your home thanks to the Mayan worldview.

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Mayan ancestral textiles

Vintage Mayan huipiles are loaded with symbols that represent nature, animals and the Mayan worldview. Thanks to the reuse of these valuable fabrics, we promote the circular economy, creating unique handmade accessories in a small workshop in Antigua, Guatemala.