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• 14.3 x 21.5 cm
• 282 pages
Super recommended for those people who want to manifest the life of their dreams.
Vegan Expedition is a sustainable project with the mission of restoring the link with ourselves and with the Earth.

Go deeper into your essence by joining our spaces for feminine connection, and honor Nature without compromising its delicate balance with the help of our careful selection of sacred elements.


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Become a Super Attractor

Become a Super Attractor

Get ready to attract and manifest the life you want. This book describes the true operation of the Law of Attraction in a way that has never been so clear to us. It's not just about having desires and fulfilling them. It's about aligning with the highest good for all, and learning to value feeling good above all else, because that's the state in which we attract the life of our dreams. The important thing is to feel good and attract from that state.

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Conscious and spiritual books provide us with tools to live more fully and sincerely. They offer us life lessons, wisdom and energy that we nurture from within.

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