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• 14.5 x 21cm
• 128 pages
Wicca for Beginners includes: • The history of Wicca, with its modern foundations and its ancient inspirations. • An introduction to the figure of the goddess and the god, and the multiple aspects of both. • A summary of Wiccan covens, circles, and eclectic and solo practices, as well as a description of the Sabbaths and Esbats. • An example of ritual and spell, suitable for beginners. • Tables showing the correspondences between a selection of colors, crystals, herbs and essential oils.
Vegan Expedition is a sustainable project with the mission of restoring the link with ourselves and with the Earth.

Go deeper into your essence by joining our spaces for feminine connection, and honor Nature without compromising its delicate balance with the help of our careful selection of sacred elements.


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wicca for beginners

wicca for beginners

Wicca is a reincarnation of the ancient religions practiced for millennia, prior to the advent of Christianity. Wiccans today celebrate and share many of the beliefs of our ancestors, and their practices honor those ancient customs in a way that is compatible with contemporary life. They worship the divine feminine as well as the masculine, focus on balance and harmony with Mother Nature, and recognize the magical power of the universe and ourselves.

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