lili olivares founder vegan expedition
When we grow up, they teach us only one way of eating, dressing and consuming. Until one day, you start to question the way you live and look for answers. That is why we decided to embark on this expedition years ago, to find a new way of living in harmony with nature in a sustainable way, and we discovered...
That we can consume without destroying. That time should not be measured in relation to how much we produce but to how much we grow as people. That all the animals on this planet deserve to live in peace and be respected. That nothing has more value than things made by hand, in an artisanal way with dedication and love. That eating organically, healthy and consciously gives more life to our body and the planet. That looking inward allows us to have awareness to understand the exterior and that questioning how our lifestyle affects the environment is the first step to being able to save it. If you have the same desire to discover another way of seeing the world, join this trip because the more we are, the bigger the change will be.

Namaste and thanks for being here,

Lili Olivares. Founder of

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